The world will run Saturday for the science and against Trump

The US President rejects openly the contributions of science in the preservation of the planet. | Photo: AP

The scientific community of United States (U.S.) and in more than 500 cities around the world this Saturday will be mobilized for the recognition and defense of science, and the measures implemented by President Donald Trump in this matter. 
The mobilization coincides with the International Mother Earth Day celebrated all the 22nd in the world. This community will highlight the importance that has the science to the development and sustainability of the planet during the mobilizations. 
> Scientists prepare mobilizations against Trump U.S. researchers will join their voices and will be mobilized through the streets of the city of Boston and Washington.
Countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain and Chile joined in this initiative which seeks to promote investment and the deepening of the research on a global scale. 
“The March of science is the first step of a global movement in defense of the essential role played by science in our health, our safety, our economy and our Governments,” a statement of the movement published the network highlights.
The leaders of the organization indicated that this movement emerged after the election of President Trump, being so critical towards science. The Group has at least 50,000 supporters and volunteers who bring in and contribute with this branch.
> More than 200 people arrested during protests anti-Trump beyond the Americas held be other 374 marches, specifically in Europe and Australia, where they highlighted their progress and regional difficulties.