Some 43 thousand refugees have crossed the Mediterranean in 2017

The highest number of immigrant deaths occurred on the route of the Mediterranean central, between Libya and Italy, according to the statistics of deaths is the most dangerous in the world. | Photo: EFE

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported Friday that the number of refugees who came this year for the Mediterranean to Europe reached the 43,000 and the number of dead over a thousand, after the report of a new shipwreck in the past 24 hours.
The Fund of United Nations for children (Unicef), pointed out that the number of dead, 150 were children. The deaths occurred on the route of the central Mediterranean between Libya and Italy, which according to the statistics of deaths, is the most dangerous in the world.
Joel Millman, spokesman for the Organization in Geneva, said about the latest wreck “was recorded the arrival (in Italy) survivors rescued in the last 24 hours in the Mediterranean, and witnesses claim that there are a hundred missing”.
> IOM: Refugees are sold in “slave markets” in Libya figures indicate that total arrivals for the Mediterranean, around 37,000 of the 43,000 correspond to Italy, different situation to that observed in 2016, when about 90 percent of the arrivals was produced by Greece.
Recent bailouts add more than eight thousand immigrants travelling in 55 rafts of rubber with 110 to 150 passengers each, in addition to three boats larger wooden carrying between 200 and 500 people aboard.
Meanwhile, spokesman Millman, noted that there is also a change in the nationalities of the refugees so far in 2017, with a presence out of Nigerians.
“The analysis of the data makes us conclude that there is a movement almost entirely of Nigerians into Europe, what is happening in various ways,” he said.
> 13 dead and 8,500 refugees intercepted in the Mediterranean is estimated that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with more than 190 million people, however, currently suffering situations of conflict on several fronts.

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