Mexican migrant, among the most influential people in the world

The Jeanette Vizguerra Mexican migrants remains refugee in a church in Denver, Colorado | Photo:

The Mexican undocumented migrant Jeanette Vizguerra, who since last February remains refugee in a church in Denver, Colorado, to prevent their deportation, was included in the list of the 100 most influential people in the world, drawn up each year by the magazine Time.
Vizguerra appears next to a large group of leaders worldwide, including the United States, Donald Trump, representative to Russian President Vladimir Putin, entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, as well as musicians, movie stars and athletes.
> Latino children marching towards Washington against deportations Vizguerra, who has lived in Denver since two decades ago and has four children, three of them born in the United States, February 15 joined the Church “First Unitarian Society” of Denver, for refuge after having issued an order of deportation against her.
In a small profile of Vizguerra, written for Time, the actress and activist America Ferrera explained that “Jeanette moved to United States to be a janitor, working as a Union Organizer and building his own business before becoming an advocate for immigration reform, a bold and risky thing for an undocumented immigrant”.

Excited, the undocumented Jeanette Vizguerra dedicated the recognition of TIME all the undocumented us. – Univision News (@UniNoticias) April 2017 “after fighting deportation for eight years, decided to publicize his story and took refuge in the basement of a Denver Church”, 21, said.
“She came to this country to not violate, kill or sell drugs, but to create a better life for his family. She shed blood, sweat and tears to become a business owner, trying to give their children more opportunities than it had. This is not a crime. This is the American dream,”he said.
> Pope urges media to not disqualify refugees Vizguerra was detected by the immigration of United States, in 2009 authorities once a police officer made the traffic stop.
Since then, Vizguerra had been processed and obtained a permission to “stay of removal” which is valid for one year, to continue his stay in this country. His last permit expired in February and in contrast to previous years, this time was not renewed.