Honduras is committed to UN to promote indigenous rights

Honduras has nine indigenous peoples with about one million inhabitants. | Photo: www.hn.one.un.org

The Government of Honduras undertook to promote the rights of ethnic communities, violated by large mining and electricity projects, said Thursday of the UN rapporteur on indigenous communities, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz.
At the end of a four-day visit to the Central American country, the Rapporteur of filipino origin said that it appreciated the Government’s effort “to promote respect for the rights of indigenous peoples” through the presentation of a bill for consultation to native populations.
> Launch study on indigenous Amazon Territories legislation is part of the Convention 169 of the international of the Labour Organization (ILO), which obliges Governments to consult communities before approving works, such as hydroelectric or mines, in the territories of indigenous peoples.
Tauli-Corpuz recommended the Honduran Government to expand dialogue with indigenous communities prior to the vote of the Bill because the indigenous people complain that they have been marginalized in the wording of the initiative.
During his stay, the Rapporteur met with authorities of the Government and representatives of employers and of indigenous peoples, following up on a visit in 2015.
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Honduras has nine indigenous peoples with about one million inhabitants, a global population of 8.7 million.