France record abstention stood at 30%, according to surveys

Voters in the poorest areas of France, reluctant to support any candidate, survive between crime and unemployment | Photo: Reuters

Polls predicted an abstention record of 30 per cent for the coming presidential election on April 23, a figure very high with respect to the percentage of voting intention of the four favourite candidates, located between 23 and 19 percent.
Presidential elections in France generally mobilized around 80 per cent of the electorate, but according to the latest forecasts from the Centre for political research Cevipof, might stay in 72 percent while Paris Match in its latest daily poll points to a turnout of 73 percent.
The Cevipof, Bruno Cautres, researcher said there “a sociology of abstention” in France and explained that young French people have fewer College. “More fragile are likely to refrain from more than the rest, and this coincides largely with the electorate of Le – Pen”. 
Children 35 years represent “between 30 and 35 percent of the intention to vote”, said the Director of studies & Sciences – Po Saint – Germain-en – Laye, Céline Braconnier, and added: “these young not graduates, over-represented in the electorate of the national front, are also voters who most abstain, so a weak participation on 23 April could affect the party”. 
For the associate researcher at the Institute of international relations and strategic (IRIS), Eddy Fougier, “a rate of abstention can harm Marine Le – Pen”, and explained that given that the electorate of the leftist Jean – Luc Mélenchon is similar to the one of the far-right leader could be affected. 
Popular sectors of France show disinterest by elections the inhabitants of poor areas and abandoned by the politicians in France are little or no interested in the imminent elections.
“I don’t think you are going to find many people who vote in this neighborhood,” said post, Xavier, employee who every day with his bicycle through the streets of soul, one of the most troubled neighborhoods of Roubaix.
Roubaix is an industrial city which experienced a strong growth of its population the century XIX thanks to its powerful textile industry, but in the year 70 the sector went into crisis and factories began to close one after another. Since then lives a profound economic crisis and was considered the poorest city in France in 2014: between 30 percent and 45 percent of its 95,000 people living in need. 
> France election and target of the EU there is a feeling of exclusion among the inhabitants of the poorest neighborhoods, but they are not those who have dropped out of society, “but the politicians who have abandoned them”, said Xavier. 
“All the candidates are corrupt,” says 42-year worker, Killian Mordaque, who will go to vote while elections do not interest you. 
The French commune Creil in the region of Picardy, Oise Department, is one of the poorest in France and the crisis forced to close businesses in a city that counts with 20 per cent of unemployment “that increasingly degrades” and where people are “increasingly anti-social”.