Correa invites concentration “for peace and democracy”

Rafael Correa makes a new appeal in defense of Ecuadorian democracy. | Photo: EFE

President Rafael Correa called on Ecuadoreans to coming Saturday, April 22 at the Tribuna de Los Shyris, North of Quito in a new concentration “for peace and democracy”. 
“I call, I call the vast majority of Patriots, right or left, whether or not with the Government, because here the cause is called Ecuador and we cannot allow that people with long ticket and scarcity of scruples, want to buy our democracy based on their whims and do not accept their dramatic electoral results”, said.
> Counting of votes in Ecuador reaffirms Lenín Moreno victory “next Saturday there will be no link, hopefully not give a yeyo opponents, who are those who most listen to us.” Call on the whole country, not just Alliance country, not just supporters of the Government, the entire country, with flags of Ecuador, to the Tribuna de los Shyris to say enough, bad losers will not pass away. “More United than ever, Ecuador to defend democracy, to defend our institutions”, said the President.

For peace, joy, unity and democracy!
This Saturday, all at the rostrum of the Shyris – Quito, from 9 am. – Rafael Correa (@MashiRafael) April 21, 2017 the head of State explained that the festival will begin with national unity, 24 provincial undertakings, fair pageant of peace and joy, and hence interventions of different instances. It will also be the President-elect of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, and Vice President Jorge Glas. 
> Pain after earthquake has become fortress, says Correa Correa also reported that next 20 will be held the last link citizen of its mandate at the Concha Acústica of Samanes, in Guayaquil; and then there will be a festival with musicians that have accompanied his administration over these 10 years.