Win the elections will change things, said Lula

The Brazilian people want to live with dignity, and this Government is destroying their dreams, said the former President. | Photo: EFE

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Thursday that win presidential elections in 2018 will change many things in the labour and social security. 
During an interview with the radio station fan, the Uribe indicated that new laws eliminate the rights of workers and not generate improvements. ” Brazilians reform associated with improvement, however, they are destroying the rights won by the workers,”he said.
> Lula remains as favourite for presidential 2018 is eu voltar em 2018 e to place as coisas no eixo outra vez – Lula hair Brazil (@LulapeloBrasil) 20 April 2017 stressed to be elected in 2018, it will change “many things, because workers have rights”. 

Estou muito otimista. SOU brasileiro e não desisto never #LulaNoRadio – Lula hair Brazil (@LulapeloBrasil) 20 April 2017 “I’m very optimistic, I am Brazilian and I never give up. I have the will to fight of a 20-year-old boy,”said Da Silva.
Also referred to the labor reform and pension and pointed out that the Congress is processing a law to allow workers to not quit, “rather than discuss how to increase the collection of Social Security”.
> Rousseff: Brazil requires repairing damage to its democracy leader and founder of the workers party (PT) urged Congress to talk with workers or unions to improve the law. “They know is on the side of the business and not work”, said.
With respect to its mandate, Da Silva said that, when he was President, Brazil “came close to becoming the fifth part of the world economy and thus to solve the problem of poverty, but this Government is destroying the dreams of the Brazilian people”.