Venezuela to USA: the world is concerned about attacks in Syria and Afghanistan

Delcy Rodríguez described as interference systematic statements of Tillerson. | Photo: AVN

“The world and Venezuela are deeply concerned by the recent bombs launched by US on Syria and Afghanistan,” said the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez response to shouldnít statements of the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.
Tillerson said this Wednesday be “concerned” by the situation in Venezuela. For this reason, the Foreign Minister Rodriguez recalled that migration policies against Latin Americans in the United States and institutional racism in this nation if no real cause for concern.

Venezuela rejects statements by the US Secretary of State @RexTillerson by systematic intervention against Venezuela – Delcy Rodríguez (@DrodriguezVen) 19 April 2017 the world and Venezuela are deeply concerned by the recent bombs dropped by the us on Syria and Afghanistan.

-Delcy Rodriguez (@DrodriguezVen) April 19, 2017 is equally concerned about Venezuela immigration policies against Latin American citizens in the U.S. and institutionally promoted racism

-Delcy Rodriguez (@DrodriguezVen) 19 April 2017 “we are concerned that the Government of (Nicolas) Maduro is violating its own Constitution and not allow opposition voices to be heard”, said Tillerson, but ignoring consistent calls for dialogue made by President Nicolás Maduro. 
Also on Tuesday, the U.S. State Department issued a release announcing the coup in Venezuela. This has been pointed out as the script that follows the right of that nation.
President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that authorities captured 30 hooded men and the head of a band of shock, called “jefferson”, who had weapons and explosives. The detainees aimed to create violence in the opposition March. In addition, opposition Deputy Richard Blanco was designated as Chief and financier of terrorist acts.