Right manipulates the death of two persons for political purposes

Julio Borges has been pointed out as responsible of transmitting violence at opposition protesters. | Photo: teleSUR

Venezuela Vice President Tarek El Aissami, denounced on Wednesday leaders of the right to use the death of two people to sell to the world a country in chaos and blaming the Bolivarian Government of the punishable acts.
“We know that there are groups interested in selling to the world a country in chaos, Henrique Capriles said in an irresponsible manner, conduct which is her own, which is the Government responsible for these deaths and therefore will have to prove it with evidence these serious accusations in the courts,” said the Vice President.
A young man identified as Carlos José Moreno, 17, received a bullet impact in the head as he passed by the opposition concentration in San Bernardino, Capital District, in downtown Caracas. The family of the teenager said that he was not on the March. The public prosecutor’s Office commissioned the Prosecutor 55 ° in the Metropolitan Area of Caracas, Farik Mora Salcedo, to investigate his death.
Paola Andreína Ramírez, 24 years old, is the second confirmed death. Took place State Tachira, near a protest in San Cristobal. “Women did not participate in the protest, she was four blocks away from the protest and is made germek safe on square San Carlos – in the city of San Cristobal, capital of the entity–along with others when they began the skirmishes”, he told Efe a journalist present at the scene.
El Aissami said both deaths are being investigated by the body of investigative and criminal investigations (CICPC) and are in search of the direct and indirect perpetrators of these crimes.
He also referred to Carmelina Carrillo, who transited among the Emerald corner of Candelaria parish, when they threw him a blunt object causing a traumatic brain injury, so it was immediately transferred to the Hospital José María Vargas.
The Venezuelan Vice President said that right Julio Borges and Henrique Capriles Randonsky leaders try to accuse revolutionary militants of the two deaths for so to project the image of a so-called “repression” in the country to achieve their political ends.
“Julio Borges has transmitted and has been recurrent in his message of hatred, it should also be noted, and so do, these incidents”, said. In the case of Capriles, Vice President urged that prove the courts the evidence under which accused the Venezuelan Government. “After insurance will come out claiming to be persecuted,” he said.
In addition, the Vice-President informed have videos of the Deputy opponent Freddy Guevara directing the operations of the hooded to generate violence in the streets.