More than 700 people were killed in protests over land in Ethiopia

Only in the regions of the Oromo 462 demonstrators and 33 members of the security forces were killed. | Photo: EFE

The protests of the Oromo people (ethnic group) in Ethiopia left 699 dead, according to a report released by the African country’s Parliament.
Security forces took extreme measures against protesters who reject the expropriations of land in the capital, Addis Abeda, thus it was determined by the Commission on human rights tasked with who headquarters legislative research. 

Ethiopia’s Bloody Crackdown The Case for International Justice #OromoProtests #OromoRevolution #Oromia – Abdulfetah Abdulahi (@AbdulfetahAbdu4) 19 April 2017 report showed that only in the regions of the Oromo died 462 demonstrators and 33 members of the security forces. The President of the Commission, Addisu Gebregziabher said that agents had acted “negligently” by using tear gas during a religious festival, which triggered a human Stampede.
The protests erupted in Amhara, one of the nine ethnic divisions of Ethiopia, due to the detention of some leaders of the demonstrations left 110 protesters and 30 soldiers dead. Other 34 people died South of Addis Ababa. 
> Die 300 persons in Stampede during protest in Ethiopia the Government of Ethiopia declared a State of emergency in October 2016 when the protests erupted by the decision to incorporate the District of Wolkayt to the neighboring region of Tigray, regardless of ethnic divisions, to guarantee the territorial expansion of the capital.