Labour “will change the direction” of the British elections

CORBYN said that his party will ensure political and economic interests of the British. | Photo: Reuters

The leader of the party labour of United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn, said Thursday that its tolda “will change the direction” of the anticipated legislative elections next June 8 and will put forward “the interests of the majority” in that European nation.
“Things can change and will change. And the labour party in these elections will be part of a movement of the British to effect that change,”Corbyn said during a speech in the run-up to the elections in the Centre of the capital, London. 
> Jeremy Corbyn refuses to put limits on European immigration in his speech, the labour leader said that his party will be able to change a “manipulated system” in that country, which has favored in recent years to the Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Theresa May.
Similarly, he questioned the role of the media during the campaign, which mainly favor the official tolda.
“When we win, they will be people and not the powerful, those who will win. The nurse, the teacher, the small trader, the wizard, the construction, the administrative worker. Everyone will win”, he said.
Prior to this speech, Corbyn declared that “Although the brexit presents many challenges for Britain, it can provide us more powers to encourage best practices and support new and established businesses and industries in the country”.
> Corbyn demands inquiry into israeli lobby in the United Kingdom the data: Tuesday May announced the call for legislative elections for June 8, in order to ensure and strengthen, as the first Minister, the output of the brexit with the European Union (EU) negotiations.
The Prime Minister argued its decision to advance the elections for this year and not wait until May of 2020 in order to ensure the stability of the country, before the results of the referendum of last June when they decided to leave the EU.