Israel seeks to prevent resolution of FIFA on equipment settlers

The Palestinians petitioned against the FIFA the exclusion of Israel from the international body. | Photo: Azvision

A dozen of ambassadors of Israel will try to persuade the representatives of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) not to take the measure to exclude six football teams of Israeli colonies that are part of the occupied West Bank.
This decision, which must be discussed at the upcoming Congress of the organism, was requested by Palestine. The session is scheduled for 10 and 11 may in Bahrain.
> The israeli occupation, informative silences for their part, the Palestinians want the highest authority of this discipline to prevent that six clubs from different divisions of the israeli Championship rescheduled matches as local in colonies in the West Bank, Palestinian territory, occupied by the israeli army for almost 50 years.
According to international law, the settlement is illegal and those parties, recognized by the israeli Federation, are another example of israeli colonial advance for Palestinians. The U.N. Security Council condemned the israeli colonization last December, for the first time since 1979.
> Two States in Palestine: a myth that promotes Zionism in this regard, the head of the Palestinian football Jibril Rajub requested the expulsion of Israel from FIFA.
FIFA created by 2015, a Commission led by South African Tokyo Sexwale, to try to resolve the conflict, but the solutions offered were not satisfactory for the Palestinians, given the failure of Israel to its obligations.