Iran approves six presidential candidates in may

The current President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, was registered Thursday for opting for re-election in May. | Photo: EFE

The Committee of the elections of the Ministry of the Interior of Iran reported the list of six candidates for the presidential election on May 19. 
Seyed Mostafa Aqa Mir Salim, Eshaq Yahanguiri Kushai, Hasan Rohani, Seyed Ebrahim Raisi Sadati, Mohamad Baqer Qalibaf and Seyed Mostafa Hashemi Taba are six applicants. 
Election campaigns will begin April 28 and will end on 17 May. 
Candidates not approved by the Council of the guardians of Iran, as Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadineyad and his Vice-President Hamid Baqai, will have the right to request revisions as established by the Iranian Constitution.
On May 19 will be held in Iran both the 12th presidential election as the 5th Edition of the municipal councils elections, as well as the Iranian Parliament mid-term elections. 
On Wednesday, the Iranian Deputy Minister of Interior for Security Affairs, Husein Zolfaqari, emphasized that Iran has referred to all the possible scenarios that might call into question the security during the elections, as well as ensure that it monitors the development of this process both inside and outside the country. 
> Iran denounces U.S. weapons are used by terrorists, the Commander of the special units of the Iranian police, Husein Karami, announced that at least 20,000 troops from the special forces of the Iranian police will monitor security in the presidential elections. 

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