Facebook works in technical writing by brain waves

Facebook has a team of 60 researchers working to invent this new technology, according to Regina Dugan warned. | Photo: Kinds of journalism

The social network Facebook seeks to create a technology currently so that its users can write their thoughts through brain waves, without using a keyboard.
The announcement of this project in which work the researchers of the company Facebook, made Regina Dugan, who, in turn, explained that the goal is that users can send their messages without having to remove your mobile phone from the Pocket.
Dugan said the company’s current goal is to write 100 words per minute, and is possible to achieve this in some year, it thus expressed in statements offered during the F8 Developer Conference of the social network, in San Jose, California.
> Facebook already warns users about false news mechanism it would use sensors on the surface of the head capable of controlling brain activity at high speed and in real time, detailed Dugan.
“This technology does not yet exist and to invent it Facebook has a team of 60 researchers working,” he added.
According to Dugan, the new technology would have another advantage, people will be able to communicate in other languages without having to learn them.
> Facebook wants to avoid that you are victim of “revenge sex” also, is known that Facebook is not the only company working on a proposal, since billionaire Elon Musk researches on a new company how to connect the human brain with computers.