Erdogan says that Obama lured him with the case of the PKK party

The Erdogan Government considers the Independence Party PKK as a terrorist group. | Photo: Reuters

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said Wednesday that the former President of the United States (USA) Barack Obama framed it, after failure to comply with an agreement on the party of the workers of Kurdistan (PKK for its initials in Kurdish).
“With Obama, we had a mutual agreement on the PKK, but he deceived us,” said the Turkish President.
> Erdoğan proposes referendum on accession of Turkey to the EU, Erdogan ruled out during an interview that the new administration in Washington, led by Chairman Donald Trump, to do the same to Obama regarding the Turkish Party PKK.
This organization is supported by the so-called international coalition, led by the USA, to combat the self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic) in that region, and the Turkish Government considers a terrorist group.
“The YPG are an arm of the PKK. We must put an end to this. We can not destroy one terrorist group with other”, argued the Turkish Head of State during the interview.
After the failed coup in Turkey in mid-2016, relations between Ankara and Washington were affected. USA refused to extradite Turkish opponent Fetulá Gülen, described as the mastermind of the attempt. 
> Turkish opposition request count of 60% of the votes the data: the main opposition force armed for Erdogan is the PKK, which historically has struggled for independence and unification of the Kurds in that region. 
Kurdistan is called “the region without State”. Its territory is divided between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.
USA employs a double standard with regard to the Kurds: considers the PKK as a terrorist group, but supports the Kurds in Syria and Iraq.