Cristina Fernández will deliver a speech at the University of Oxford

Although the President has no restrictions for travel abroad, yes its departure from the country must be informed in advance. | Photo: @KontraInfo

The former President of Argentina, Cristina Fenández, will start next month of may a tour of Europe where it will perform an intense agenda that includes giving a speech in the ancient University of Oxford, England. Likewise, assist the European Parliament to meet in Greece with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.
The letter of invitation sent by the University emphasizes that, “their relentless support for the citizens of Argentina in a precarious situation which goes beyond divisions in politics”. “You have shown repeatedly that he is not afraid to fight for what you believe to be the right thing, even if it means to be against the traditional centers of power”, says the letter.
> Cristina Fernández requests annulment of the judicial process on the other hand, the Central Committee of Syriza invited Fernandez to Greece where he will meet with Tsipras and the President of the Parliament, Nikos Voutsis.
After passing through Greece, the former Argentine President, will arrive in Brussels where he will meet with parliamentarians from the left and progressives. She is also using the occasion to give a speech and talk about the role played by the European Union (EU) on human and social rights in Argentina and the region.
> “Used the justice with an electoral purpose”: lawyer CFK. Finally, will head to London, invited by The Oxford Union, the largest of the Oxford University society, to give a speech.