Brazilian Prosecutor calls for repeal freedom football player femicida

He was sentenced in 2013 at 22 years and three months in prison, but it may appeal on freedom. After killing his family. | Photo: Getty Images

The Attorney general of Brazil, Rodrigo Janot, asked to the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF) nation that revokes the extent of provisional freedom which allowed the exportero of the team Flamengo, Bruno Fernandes, release from prison following the murder of his family. 
Maximum Brazilian Prosecutor also requested the STF does not recognize defense measures presented by advocates of Fernandes in this event, request that the Supreme Court be put to discussion next Tuesday. 
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Fernandes preventively joined the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte City prison in 2010 and was sentenced in 2013 at 22 years and three months in prison, for the murder of the young Eliza Samudio, a Brazilian model for 25 years, with whom he had a son.
The body of the girl has not been found by the authorities but Fernandes confessed before the Court that the corpse of the model was thrown into dogs by the perpetrators of the fact that it wasn’t recognized.
During the process, the footballer denied having participated directly in the murder of the young, however, was convicted of authorizing his death.
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