Venezuela denounces that the OAS encouraged a coup d’etat in the country

The Ambassador of Venezuela in the OAS, Samuel Moncada, denounced that the United States is behind the actions promoted by the Agency. | Photo: @VenezuelaEnOEA

The Ambassador of Venezuela to the Organization of American States (OAS), Samuel Moncada, denounced on Wednesday the intention of promoting a coup d’etat in Venezuela from the bosom of the international organization.
“From here a coup are encouraged”, the diplomat said.
> Venezuela and Bolivia denounce institutional coup in the OAS Moncada said that the session of April 3 (which Bolivia, as Chairman of the Permanent Council refused to preside over) is an illegitimate “session”, by which the actions have no legal effect.
“The first great crime is has entered the chairmanship of the Ambassador of Bolivia,” said Moncada. Equally, the vote of the 17 members on the resolution taken in relation to Venezuela lacks validity, according to the diplomat, to not be able to vote is with 17 members, according to article 67 of the rules of procedure of the OAS.

Emb.Samuel Moncada: great 1st offence is to be entered the Presidency Permanent Council of.@OEA_oficial the 03.04.17 dl #YoSiMarchoPorLaPaz – mission Venezuela OAS (@VenezuelaEnOEA) 19 April 2017 during the session of the Permanent Council of the OAS, Moncada accused United States promote destabilization and chaos in the country, which would lead to a coup.
“The coup is led by USA I have to say it (…)” and is articulated with of the opposition in Venezuela and the Organization (in reference to the OAS) factors “, he denounced the Venezuelan representrante.
Moncada also blamed the Organization of being responsible for violence in recent demonstrations in Venezuela.
“Much of the violence occurred in Venezuela is consequence of what happened here on April 3, is the fault of the Secretary-General of this organization and is the responsibility of US,” said the Ambassador.

EMB. Moncada: violence that has happened in #Venezuela is the product of the actions of USA, the meeting of the OAS of the 3.04.17 and.@Almagro_OEA2015 – mission Venezuela OAS (@VenezuelaEnOEA) 19 April 2017