Russian spokesman Zajarova calls Facebook to verify your account

Last December Facebook should apologize to Zajarova for delete a photo from your account. | Photo: @teleSURtv

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, María Zajárova, said on Wednesday that has spent several years trying to social networking site Facebook to check your page and has not received a response. 
The Russian official said that the company avoids see your page and add the Blue label, which indicates that it is real.
“My personal Facebook page is quite popular and many users visit it, some ask me if it is really my page or one of so many false accounts,” said Zajarova.
> U.S. will impose further sanctions on Syria, North Korea and Iran about that some time ago the Facebook Office received the request for verification so that users can make use of its right to truthful information, “but I’ve got nothing, explanations of Facebook are sometimes funny and sometimes bizarre”.
The Russian spokesman explained that they initially told him that he needed to have more visitors on your page or demonstrated that there were technical problems or that it was difficult to receive verification from the office of the United States (U.S.).
> Putin congratulated Erdogan after victory of the ‘yes’ in the referendum “but opposition representatives extra-parliamentary (Russian) were verified”, he questioned and added that it is “difficult to understand the principle that verified accounts on Facebook”.