Resident singer confirms tour of Europe in June

After completing his tour in Europe will continue for Latin America. | Photo: @residente

René Pérez (resident) Puerto Rican singer will tour Europe to promote his first album all by myself. 
Through their social networks, the kids of Calle 13 confirmed dates and locations will be visiting since June 7.
> Resident returned to believing in music with his new album, the Tour will begin in Paris (France), will pass through Spain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and then continue in Latin America, Chile, Argentina and Puerto Rico. 

On July 23 I introduce myself in Munich, Germany. On July 23 I’ll be performing in Munich, Germany Tickets: – resident (@Residente) 19 April 2017 resident reported that he will perform both known, as their recent album themes, including the theme “Misunderstanding” with the collaboration of singer and actress French SoKo (Stéphanie Sokolinski). 
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Confirmed dates are July 7 at Torre del Mar (Weekend Beach Festival), 8 July in Barcelona (Cruïlla Festival), in Cartagena on July 14 in Spain (La Mar de Músicas), Madrid on 15 July (Ifema) and Huesca reservoir of Lanuza on 21 July (Pirineos Sur). 


Europe Tour 2017 / Tour Europe 2017 a shared publication of Rene Perez Joglar (@residente) 15, 2017 (s) Apr 6:21 PDT July 4 will also be presented in other cities such as Hamburg on 29 June, Paris June 27, Amsterdam, Berlin on 30 June and to finish their European tour will go to Geneva and Zurich on June 27 on July 28.