Captan Venezuelan opposition violence in March of April 19

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The Venezuelan opposition is mobilized on Wednesday in the streets of Caracas in order to make a new “peaceful demonstration”, however, numerous videos recorded outbreaks of violence in the capital. 
The groups were captured while they closed streets and burned trees, vandalism acts that have been denounced as an attempt to destabilize the legitimate Government of Nicolás Maduro and encourage foreign intervention.
The sectors linked to the right also assaulted the security forces responsible for maintaining public order with long-range tools. 
> Venezuelan opposition causes havoc around 20 local businesses #Venezuela | Opposition protesters clog streets during protests ‘peaceful’ #19Abr – teleSUR Venezuela (@teleSURvzla) April 19, 2017 #Venezuela | Outbreaks of violence at opposition rally #19Abr – teleSUR Venezuela (@teleSURvzla) April 19, 2017 #Venezuela | Opposition protesters trying to set fire to a trunk would peaceful protest? – teleSUR Venezuela (@teleSURvzla) April 19, 2017 #19Abr | New violent acts by the Venezuelan opposition. Follow details in – teleSUR Venezuela (@teleSURvzla) 19 April 2017 opponents concentrated on Wednesday within the framework of the commemoration of April 19, the date in reminding the beginning of the independence exploits of Venezuela and in which the ruling called the revolutionary people to a March in defense of independence and national sovereignty. 
Chavism went to the center of the capital city to celebrate the date with cultural activities and reject the attempt of coup d’etat promoted by the right.