Spain: Rajoy is summoned to testify about corruption case

The request that attract Rajoy to testify was approved by a majority of the judges who make up the Court, despite opposition from the prosecution. | Photo: Reuters

The President of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, will have to appear as a witness in the proceeding by the plot of corruption “Gürtel”, the plot’s biggest corruption facing Spain.
“He has been summoned as a witness. It has no date”, said the spokesman of the national court, the Spanish tribunal specialized in politico-financieros cases and terrorism. The case in question involves senior officials of the Popular Party (PP), which belongs to Rajoy.
> Spanish justice condemns corrupt businessmen linked to a PP request so that Rajoy may testify to justice, carried out by the private prosecution of the case, it was approved by a majority of the judges who make up the Court, despite the refusal of the prosecution.
This corrupt plot is one of the most important corruption cases in recent years in Spain for its links with the ruling Popular party.

#ÚLTIMOMINUTO | Mariano Rajoy called to testify as a witness of the Gürtel by the illegal financing of the PP – teleSUR TV (@teleSURtv) April 18, 2017 the scandal in question comprises a network of contracts rigged between entrepreneurs and individuals linked to the PP, and also involves the alleged parallel accounting of the party which sought to finance the political formation.
In this way, more than 300 witnesses were called to testify in this trial, including several Ministers of the Government of José María Aznar (1996-2004), also of the PP, as Francisco Alvarez Cascos (promotion), Angel Acebes (Interior), Jaime Mayor Oreja (Interior) and Rodrigo Rato (Economics), former general of the IMF.

They are also called to declare members of the current Executive of the party and regional leaders.
The main accused of the research is the extesorero of the party and former Senator Luis Bárcenas, who faces a petition of the Prosecutor to 42 years in prison, just as they also involved former councilors of the party and entrepreneurs.