Peruvian judge issues ruling through WhatsApp

Gerardo Cuevas, Rojas was processed by default to the family assistance by not feeding your child. | Photo: EFE

Judge Efer Díaz Uriarte held a hearing in the region of Ancash, North of Peru, and sentenced processed Gerardo Cuevas Rojas, WhatsApp Messenger platform, so the Peruvian Judicial power reported it Monday.
Located in the city of Paita, Piura region, processing could not travel to the Santa by the rains and floods that affect the North of the country. 
The motive of the accused was connected with a monitor of television in the courtroom, so that the holder of the second court criminal Unipersonal of the Superior Court of Santa, Efer Díaz Uriarte, as well as the representatives of the technical defense and the aggrieved party could see intervention in real-time. 
“The computer equipment of the criminal module of the Court the Santa made contact with caves Rojas via your cell phone,” explained the note of the judiciary. 
The statement explained that caves Rojas decided to benefit from the early termination of the process default family assistance on grievance of her son and accepted responsibility for the crime. 
> 107 dead and more than one million affected by rains Peru audience was motivated by an omission to family assistance by caves, this means that the processing not took over power to his son. Cuevas will serve a sentence of one year in prison.