Mélenchon responds to attacks by allusion to links with ALBA

Mélenchon displayed the front page of Le Figaro, who accuses him of Chavez at a rally | Photo: Phillppe Huguen / AFP

The leftist candidate for elections in France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, rejected attacks by right-wing politicians and media, after show willingness to approach and even inclusion in the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of our America (ALBA).
Mélenchon pointed out that such an initiative is not a far-fetched idea, since France, through its overseas territories, is already an associate member of regional mechanisms such as the Association of the States of the Caribbean.
> Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the candidate of the left in France ‘Yes, we will look for being members of the ALBA, which is to become members of a coalition that brings together countries at a development cooperation project, and not military or free trade’, defended.
The leader of the rebellious France underlined the presence of the country in that region through the overseas departments, in reference to territories as Guyana, Guadeloupe and Martinique.
“To the Bolivarian alternative for the peoples to America? To the organization created in 2004 by Castro and Chavez? Many have been again hands head at the proposal of a candidate who, at the same time, proposes to leave NATO and even the EU if this is not deeply transformed according to its terms. France could “wake up one day within the Bolivarian Alliance”, quipped Emmanuel Macron, the candidate who most trembles with the rise of Mélenchon, as it concerns the Spanish newspaper El Pais.
“Not I propose to leave the EU to enter at dawn!, replied, the left-wing leader overnight on Friday in the chain TF1.
In an interview with the newspaper Ouest-France published last Saturday, Mélenchon ensures also has no intention of “making a VAT in France”. Both Castro and Chavez “are dead. I defended them in circumstances in which they were attacked”, he says.
The most recent surveys put Mélenchon in third in voting, with an estimated support of 20 percent of the electorate, only surpassed by the ultra-right Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron, located around 23 percent.
> Candidates enter the final stretch of the campaign in France according to a recent survey by Ifop, 68 percent of the French have a positive opinion of Mélenchon. After a rise of 22 points in this index in the last month, the candidate of the “rebellious France” has become the favorite politician of the French. 
29 per cent of citizens between 18 and 24 years old claim to want to vote for the leader of the radical left, which makes him the preferred candidate of the youth front of Macron and Le Pen.