UNICEF condemns attack on to the Rashidin who killed 68 children

Russia sharply criticized the non-constructive approach of the West with regard to the battle against terrorism. | Photo: Reuters

The United Nations Fund for children (Unicef) condemned the brutal attack with a car bomb against a convoy of buses that evacuated civilians from the area of to the Rashidin, West of the city of Aleppo, Syria. The deceased amounted to 130, including 68 children.
“After six years of war and human carnage in Syria, six years of suffering for many Syrian families, this new horror must break the heart of whoever has one”, said the executive director of Unicef, Anthony Lake. 

Syrian videographer @AbdHabak, who was reporting from Khan Sheikhoun last week, at the scene of today’s massacre. Haunting. pic.twitter.com/qfu90zgkoX – Omar Ghabra (@omarghabra) April 16, 2017 Lake said that event not only anger needs to be rescued but the determination to offer help and consolation to all children innocent of Syria and the hope that “all those who have the courage and the power to put an end to this war will do”. 
> Syrian photographer breaks into tears after trying to save a child the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia vigorously condemned the attack, made possible by the “not constructive approach from the West regarding the fight against terrorism”.

#Turkey – backed terrorists have hit civilians evacuated from Fua and Kafraya with a suicide vehicle. Disgusting. #Rashidin #Aleppo #SAA #HAT pic.twitter.com/NPqtkT1JBL – Bumaye (@MaxRostock) 15 April 2017 the attack came at the same time that the Syrian Government evacuated residents of the towns of Fua and Kefraya. This process occurs as part of a local agreement between government troops and the armed opposition. On Friday a convoy of 75 buses arrived to Aleppo with about 5,000 civilians.