Lawmakers who dismissed Rousseff designated by corruption

List of investigated has unleashed protests against Michel fear and its Gobierno.E | Photo: EFE

Many of the congressmen who voted to begin an impeachment against President Dilma Rousseff a year ago now are singled out corruption in the case of Odebrecht. Half of the senators who approved the dismissal are equally suspicious.
The political trial against Rousseff was based on alleged tax irregularities used to make up the public accounts. Most of the speeches against were directed to condemn corruption. However, never discussed the supposed crime that was firing at the President.

At least half of the senators who dismissed Rousseff are being investigated. | Photo: EFE.

In that vote, the Congress decided with 367 votes in favour, 137 against, initiate the removal of the leader of the workers party (PT). Among those votes was Onyzx Lorenzoni, who told the Conference: “Enough to both robbery everywhere”. Now he is accused of receiving 175 thousand reais (about 56 thousand dollars) on the part of Odebrecht as a bribe.
A list published by the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF) last week said 36 members that were present in that vote. Of which 21 voted in favour, 13 against and two abstained. The Senators half of those who voted to dismiss Rouseff include on the list. Of the 61 senators who voted in favor, 27 have been identified by the courts.
One such case is that of Romero Jucá, now confidant of President de facto Michel fear. Shortly after taking office was appointed Minister of planning, but had to resign when it met a conversation in which admitted to a plan to dismiss Rouseff in order to slow down investigations of the Lava Jato operation. The case is similar to the Aécio Neves, ally of the current Government and who participated in demonstrations against Dilma Rouseff.

Cunha was the main promoter of the impeachment and is now detained for corruption. | Photo: Reuters.

Neves and Juca are now each five causes for bribery and corruption. They are two of those listed with most causes for corruption. Soon they could join Eduardo Cunha, who was President of the Chamber of Deputies during the vote and main sponsor of the impeachment process.  Cunha is now serving a sentence of 15 years in jail in Curitiba by corruption, money laundering and evasion of foreign exchange.
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