Health authorities reported collapse in hospitals in Peru

Due to heavy rains, there was an increase in the proliferation of mosquitoes, which spread the disease, massively. | Photo: The Republic

The regional director of health of the Peruvian city of Piura, César Moron, reported that some 300 probable cases of dengue in the region, reported which caused the collapse of the system of community health.
Similarly, Moran reported a deficit of physicians per population.
> Stop rains in Peru while victims await aid “not noticeable until something like this happens. There is noticed missing us personnel”, said the director.
It is as well as several community health centers, patients receive hydration in inappropriate environments. Moreover, the medical staff does not supply, despite efforts.
Likewise, grew the demand for products such as paracetamol and buttermilk, which led to the early shortage of them.

Currently, more than 800 cases of dengue and seven who died from this disease were reported.
The proliferation of disease is given by the amount of dust that covers the city, along with the humidity of the atmosphere, allowing the proliferation of the mosquito that causes dengue.
The Piura region was one of the regions most affected by the heavy rains that occurred in recent weeks in the South American country. More than 100 dead, as well as more than 150,000 people affected were counted by climatic events.