Former President of South Corea is processed by corruption

Prosecutors accused Park Geun-hye by abuse of power, coercion, bribery, and filtering of confidential state information. | Photo: EFE

The Prosecutor’s Office of South Korea Monday indicted the former President Park Geun-hye after finishing a six-month investigation by the scandal of influences that caused his dismissal last month.
Prosecutors accused the exmandataria of abuse of power, coercion, bribery, and filtering of confidential state information. 
Park who is detained since March 31, is now the third former President of Korea of the South, in being charged with corruption.
The former President is accused of conspiring with his close friend Choi Soon-sil of forcing the business conglomerates local to donate a total of 77,000 billion won (68 million dollars) to the foundations non-profit Mir and K-Sports, which would be controlled by his friend Choi Soon-sil.
> Court confirms dismissal of the President of Korea in the South also, he is blamed for requesting payment of the Lotte and groups SK, also of bribery for allegedly forcing Samsung that contributed to foundations and other firms related to Choi.
However, the leader of the Samsung Group, Lee Jae-yong, was arrested for bribe to Choi, and in practice at the Park, in Exchange for the Government’s support for the merger of two subsidiaries of the group.
The Prosecutor’s Office suspects that the exmandataria promised favors related to tenders of the conglomerates to duty free shops and other commercial projects. Prosecutors speed up your research to conclude it before start the campaigns for the presidential elections of March 9.
> Prosecutor South Korean appointment to declare the destitute President met Park denied the charges during the five rounds of research in prison.
Park is also accused of creating a black list of cultural figures considered critical with the Government to deny them State support, and of abusing his power to force local authorities to sign contracts with companies of Choi.