Cuban doctors attended to about 6 thousand victims in Peru

The Cuban doctor, Rolando Piloto said that 6.106 patients have attended the Brigade is composed of 26 professionals of health and even on Sunday. | Photo: Trade

More than six thousand people affected by floods in the region of Piura in Peru, were attended by a Cuban medical Brigade, said Monday the head of the Group’s humanitarian aid, Rolando Piloto.
The doctor Rolando Piloto said that the group is composed of 26 professionals of health, until on Sunday attended 6.106 patients for different reasons, mainly dealing with the aftermath of floods that caused 106 deaths.
Pilot explained that by the Easter holiday, the attention in those days was performed in two hospitals in Piura where work Brigade specialists that 204 consultations conducted.
> Cuba vaccinated more than 400 thousand children against polio the humanitarian work done by Cuban doctors in hospitals in Piura, reinforced with specialists, and also in the shelters where thousands of survivors living in tents on the outskirts of the city, since the floods destroyed their homes.
Moreover, the directive of a social club feted Sunday Cuban doctors for their solidarity and the work of the mission, with a reception at its headquarters, there hosts expressed their appreciation for the presence and work meeting, said pilot.
Recognition to Cuban doctors multiply daily, last week they prompted a visit from relatives, who gave support to the aid workers and doctors graduated from the Antillean nation living in Piura.
> Cuban doctors in Peru attend 4.212 victims support this group comprised members of the Henry Reeve international contingent, specialized in disaster situations, arrived in Lima on March 31 and the same day, after a meeting with the Minister of health, Patricia García, followed his trip to Piura.