We can ask the Spanish Government a referendum in Catalonia

Any Government is due to his people, said Irene Montero. | Photo: EFE

The Spanish Government should be allowed to be held a referendum on independence in Catalonia so that it convene unilaterally, urged the parliamentary spokesman of the progressive Coalition United we can, Irene Montero.
“The Government at any time could abandon its stubbornness and position of trying to simply prosecute an issue that is political and get to dialogue with the Catalans to agree on a referendum and the Catalans can express at the polls” said Moreno in an interview with the Europa Press Agency.
For several years the Government of Catalonia tries to force a referendum of independence nature, which has been rejected repeatedly by the head of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy.
> Spanish Government rejects referendum in Catalonia for Montero the Catalans have won their “right to decide” with “expressiveness and forcefulness” through surveys and polls, it called to allow the people to decide their status in terms of Spain at the ballot box.
“Any Government is due to his people and should always allow citizens to express themselves democratically to say what they want because that is the basis of democracy,” he said.
In the interview, the parliamentary spokesman of United we can said that “nothing happens by giving” on a contentious issue that unites most of the Spanish parties in their rejection of a sovereignty referendum.
“It is bad that a Government access to do what people want when it comes to a democratic solution to a conflict that has been years cystic?”, questioned Montero.
> Catalan Parliament approves referendum funding in 2017