Correa invites great mobilization in support of democracy

We call on the whole country (...) to say simply, just the bad losers, called the first Ecuadorian President. | Photo: @ElCiudadano_ec

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa called across the country to a great mobilization Saturday in Quito (capital), to “say enough” to “bad losers” and enforce the elections of 2 April they left Lenín Moreno as his replacement.
“We call for the entire country, not just to country Alliance (AP), not just the Government supporters, with flags of Ecuador (…) in the capital Quito, to say enough, enough bad losers”, said Correa.
> Belt: The right seeks to generate a climate of lawlessness in its Saturday program citizen link, the head of State indicated that the concentration will start at 09 H 00 (local time) and will be attended by Moreno and Vice-Chairman elected Jorge Glas.

“The country has ratified the #RevoluciónCiudadana. To unite us more than ever to move forward”, @MashiRafael #Enlace519 – communication Ecuador (@ComunicacionEc) 15 April 2017 on Sunday former Moreno, of AP, won the presidential elections with 51,15% of the vote and left behind to the right candidate, the movement creating opportunities (I think), Guillermo Lasso.
“All those who love the Ecuador, all true Democrats to tell the coup right, cocky right, the banker (in reference to Lasso): will not pass here win majorities”, urged the President.
In their statements, warned about the similarities of Ecuador with the Venezuela right, referring to acts of violence that have been led by members of think.

Members of @CREOEcuador assault elderly: “these attitudes may not be allowed into the new homeland” @MashiRafael #Enlace519 – El Ciudadano (@ElCiudadano_ec) 15 April 2017 “reality is: we want to bring to a situation like the one in Venezuela, the strategy is the same as the right of Venezuela”, said Correa.
Lasso defends from the election night that the electoral process was “fraudulent”, that he was the most voted in the second round and has requested a recount “vote to vote”.
> Ecuador last details for 1.2 million votes count