Congressmen request programme for migrant children

The humanitarian crisis was discussed Friday in the Chamber of representatives of Congress of the United States (photo: file)

Leaders of the Congress of the United States requested Friday the Executive considered the creation of a program for refugees that allows the care of migrant children in agreement with the designated by the Reuters news agency, on an emergency basis U.S. Government forecasts detailed expected the number of minors who cross the border to climb to 90 thousand at the end of this year and increase to 150 thousand in 2015. These figures of minors who risk their lives during the trip without an adult could require large amounts of resources to the U.S. Government for the creation of hostels and immigration courts responsible for the deportation. According to earlier official reports, is known to many of the minors detained by the border patrol to undertake the journey to the United States intending to reunite with family members who have entered U.S. territory. For his part, voceos of the White House have refused to comment to the press what would be the next steps that the Government of Barack Obama would take to stop the humanitarian crisis; that has already been covered by representatives of the Nations involved.