Brazilian Eduardo Kobra painted the world’s largest graffiti

Eduardo Kobra said this is the largest mural that has painted in tribute to all the people who work with cocoa and its close relationship with the Amazon. | Photo: EFE

The Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra paints graffiti largest in the world, with an area of nearly 6,000 square meters, on the facade of a chocolate factory located beside a highway in Sao Paulo. 
The monumental work includes several building walls and graffiti represents a young indigenous from the Amazon rowing a canoe loaded with cocoa, in the middle of a river of chocolate.

Photo: EFE this work covers an area of 5.742 m2, beating his own world record with graffiti that painted in Rio de Janeiro on the occasion of the Olympic Games in 2016, and which was recognized by the Guinness book.
> Graffiti artists painted the streets for the peace of Colombia Kobra said that “this is the largest mural that I’ve never painted. It is a tribute to everyone who works with cocoa and its close relationship with the Amazon”.
Likewise, the artist explained that upon receipt of the order from the company’s chocolates prepared a dozen sketches based on scenes of the cocoa-rich Amazon regions.
After being chosen the design, Kobra said a wide logistics execution, including 12 cranes up painting equipment to scaffolding. Furthermore it used more than thousand liters of paint and four thousand spray cans.

Photo: EFE > “Walls of shame”, graffiti by Yuliana Samboní Foto killer: EFE