Argentine Government presents reform that criminalizes protest

The penalty for demonstrators would be around between 10 years in prison. | Photo: Reuters

In the framework of the multiple protests that have been developed in Argentina by the labor unions, teachers and students, the partido de el presidente Mauricio Macri, change, in the Chamber of deputies presented a project that proposes the amendment of the criminal code, to toughen sanctions against the protesters.
The proposal aims to amend four articles that relate directly to sanctions threats, damage, abuse of weapons and crimes that threaten the public demonstrations of all kinds, increasing the penalty for persons using “forceful, flammable items, projectiles and capable of damaging the integrity of people or goods, as well as those who hide his face to prevent being identified”.
> Illegal detentions, flag change in Jujuy, Argentina this project would punish demonstrators with a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and gives freedom to law enforcement officials to detain protesters. 
Lawyer Ileana Arduino, of the Institute of comparative studies in Criminal Sciences y Sociales (Inecip), warned that this proposal seeks to outlaw social protests, “is deplorable, relies on the piqueteros demonization but could stifle any form of dissent and social claim”.
“A project that violates the Constitution, also proposes neutralize the constitutional right to petition the authorities, which also makes it unconstitutional and affects the rule of law,” the lawyer explained. 
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