WikiLeaks reveals another secret weapon of the CIA

This revelation about the CIA is the fifth part of the series known as Vault 7 of WikiLeaks. | Photo: Reuters

Another secret weapon of the CIA was put in evidence by the website WikiLeaks leaks this Friday. It’s the Hive project which, according to the site, forms part of “hacking” systems used by the US spy service to send information from machines attacked by employees and control them for specific tasks. 
> WikiLeaks: Al-Qaeda was on the side of US in Syria to not be detected, this malware acts as”possible State”, according to the companies antivirus and forensic experts. 
“Using domains not suspicious-looking coverage”, says leaks portal. 
In addition, it ensures that the program has been detected by means of a similar infrastructure of HTTPS protocol (intended for secure communication in a network with encrypted connection), but without leaving evidence of their relationship with the CIA. 
> WikiLeaks CIA links to pilferage in 40 countries WikiLeaks waiting revealed documents allows the experts to analyze the Hive that was created by the Subdivision of integrated development of the CIA.