Unasur above six years being axis of integration and peace in Latin America

The block above its sixth anniversary as Integrator of the South (foto:archivo)

The Union of South American Nations (Unasur) above on May 23 to its sixth anniversary, and in that time has been protagonist of the most salient political and historical events of South America.
Recently, in Venezuela, the Foreign Ministers of Unasur indicated his willingness to continue to work with the Government of Venezuela and the representatives of the Democratic Unity table (MUD) to continue the dialogue that will allow progress in the search for solutions to the issues that have been raised.
The Mission of Foreign Ministers represented by María Ángela Holguín (Colombia), Luiz Alberto Figueiredo (Brazil), and Ricardo Patiño (Ecuador), left clear your satisfaction by the rejection of “violence in all its forms” manifested by the Venezuelan Government and the MUD, in a statement released by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.
Unasur regional bloc Vale as remember the participation of the block to hit parliamentary status in Paraguay, where reaffirmed its total solidarity to the people and support the constitutional President Fernando Lugo. The Unasur indicated on that occasion the essential of the full respect of the democratic clauses of the organism itself, Mercosur and the Celac, of which Paraguay was a signatory.
Unasur remains within its fundamental priorities the strengthening of its institutions in order to ensure the success of the multi-state agency, strengthened democratic values in its Electoral Council, premiered at the presidential election in Venezuela in October 2012.
Also, driving through the Council for Social development, work in common to guarantee social participation in public policies of members, within four priority areas: Social protection, Social Security, Social economy and fight against hunger and malnutrition.
Another notable area is the South American Defense Council, which is responsible for drawing up a regional defense strategy to reduce technological dependence, face possible threats, defend the sovereignty of members, as well as the preservation of its natural resources.
The Union of South American Nations is a regional agency created on May 23, 2008 in Brasilia, with headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, and “is intended to build participatory and consensual, way a space of integration and union in the cultural, social, economic and political between their peoples, giving priority to political dialogue, social policies, education, energy infrastructure, finance and the environment, among others, with a view to eliminating socioeconomic inequality, achieving social inclusion and citizen participation, strengthen democracy and reduce asymmetries within the framework of strengthening the sovereignty and independence of States”, as says its constitutive treaty.
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