UN: Men gays must be freed from camps in Chechnya

Homosexuals are locked away and tortured in secret jails when they are not killed by their own relatives in honour crimes. | Photo: EFE

Five rapporteurs of the United Nations called on the authorities in the Russian Republic of Chechnya immediately release the detained men for being gay.
The expert group urged the Russian Government to condemn statements homophobic, that incite hatred and violence and that often are pronounced by local authorities. 
“It is vital that allegations of abductions, illegal detentions be investigated thoroughly, torture, beatings and killings of gays and bisexuals,” stressed in the statement the rapporteurs.

Why is muted in the media about the camps for homosexuals in #chechenia?

-NobodycallsmeRebecca (@RebeccaJorden) April 13, 2017 homosexuals are locked away and tortured in secret jails when they are not killed by their own relatives in “honour crimes” in Chechnya.
More than a hundred “suspected” of being gay were arrested since late February, some in broad daylight the day, confined in two prisons in the Russian Republic. 
The testimonies of the victims tell of beatings, confinements in subhuman conditions, torture with electric shock, rape with bottles, disappearances and deaths.

Gay people are tortured and killed in concentration camps in #Chechenia https://t.co/psUCPupbZU #ContraparteInternacional pic.twitter.com/c0bWEqvmIC – Mex counterpart (@ContraparteMx) 13 April 2017 Chechen security forces and local militia carry out kidnappings and arbitrary arrests in the community gay and bisexual. These people would be subjected to torture and cruel treatment, that some would have been killed, according to reports received by the experts.
The experts recalled that these acts violate the obligations of Russia with international human rights laws. 

Do not let history repeat. Solidarity with people #LGTB + represaliadas, tortured and killed. #Chechenia pic.twitter.com/pIQVSJ93lo – tide Rainbow Rioja (@ArcoirisRioja) 12 April 2017 expert protection against violence by sexual orientation, Vitit Muntarbhorn, and the Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression, David Kaye, are among the signatories of the statement.