Syria and Russia accuse United States of directing terrorist war

Abbas explained that the American assault on the Syrian Arab Army seeks to boost the morale of the terrorists. | Photo: healthy

The President of the Assembly of the people of Syria, Hadiya Abbas, denounced that the self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic) is a U.S. product, created with funding from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
“Hillary Clinton (presidential excandidata) said during his election campaign that this organization is a U.S. industry and has worked to create a place to invest this product in Syria,” said the President during a meeting with the delegation of the Russian Social Council.
Abbas also extended his complaint to Turkey which it accused of “introduce hundreds of thousands of terrorists to Syria that came from more than 90 countries of the world”. Faced with this threat the Syrian Government has requested aid from Russia and Iran in the war against terrorism.
He explained that the purpose of United States has been to boost the morale of the terrorists using the incident in Khan Shaikhoun after the victories that had reached the Syrian Arab Army on terrorist groups. This complaint has already been held by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.
He recalled that Syria took delivery of chemical weapons in its arsenal under international supervision and that Syria has not used and will never use weapons of this kind.
The President took the meeting to extend their appreciation on the part of the Syrian people to the Council of the Russian Federation to condemn the aggression of the USA against Syria. The members of the Russian delegation recalled that war in this country is the result of the failure of the enemies of Syria of attempting to remove the legitimate Government after the “Arab spring”, before this defeat turned to the terrorist war.
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