Equal marriage is already legal in all the East coast of USA

The acceptance of American society was the key to moving towards recognition of homosexual rights (foto:archivo)

Gay couples can get married in every State on the East coast of the USA, after the recall issued by a judge on the law banning the egalitarian marriage in Pennsylvania.
Gay rights have been strengthened, and this year will be consolidated in the legislature. Last June, a judgment of the Supreme Court annulled the defense of Marriage Act, passed in 1996, which saw only marriage between a man a woman.
After the cancellation of this parliamentary term, others were revoked due to the change in American public opinion, which has advocated the recognition of homosexual rights.  “We are a people better than that represent these laws and it is time to dismiss them as a bunch of ash in our history”, wrote Judge John Jones III, belonging to the Federal District Court, in its ruling on Tuesday.
“Same-sex couples who want to marry in Pennsylvania can do it and those who have already contracted marriage, be able to see it legally recognized”, added the lawyer.
In this way, the States on the East coast of the USA are authorized to recognize equal marriage. These court decisions have also been taken in Texas, Arkansas, Idaho, Virginia, Oregon and Oklahoma so they are reviewed in the Court of appeal, except in Oregon where they entrench automatically.
Same-sex marriage has had such support that it reached the record of 55 percent, according to a survey released by Gallup, also indicating an increase of 2 points rather than in 2013.
The American judge emphasized that no culture or tradition may violate the constitutional rights to equal justice. “If so, would continue to be a nation racially divided,” said Jones.
Since the approval of same-sex marriage for the first time in Massachusetts (northeast), ten years ago it has been the impetus for the change in public opinion also helped by California on the other end of the country, which opened the path to this issue much faster.