2,000 million people still consume contaminated water

Contaminated water-borne diseases kill 500,000 people a year. | Photo: Reuters

The World Health Organization (who) warned that there are still 2,000 million people who consume water contaminated with faecal matter in the world. This information is part of the efforts of the Organization to warn about the dangers surrounding access to water.
The Director of the Department of public health’s María Neira, who explained that the contaminated water exposed to those who consume it to “contract cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio”. The contaminated water is responsible for half a million deaths from diarrhea in the world each year.
Universal access to safe drinking water is one of the 17 sustainable development goals stipulated by the Organization of United Nations (UN) in 2015. However, the who reports in its annual report that “unless steps are taken to use financial resources more effectively and expand efforts to identify new sources of funding” this goal will fail for its goal of the year 2030.

The who warns that to invest more in water and sanitation to achieve the #ODS https://t.co/UTvaqdQC9i pic.twitter.com/qYa1dp0y21 – News UN (@NoticiasONU) 13 April 2017 increased investment from the countries in the infrastructure for access to drinking water is not considered sufficient by the agencies. In the past three years the overall increase in the budget for water and sanitation has been 4.9 percent. But 80 percent of the countries still claim that they lack sufficient resources to finance projects that give effect to the objectives of the United Nations.
The World Bank estimates that the fulfilment of the objective of sustainable access to drinking water requires triple current expenditure worldwide up to about 114 billion dollars annually. WHO has stressed that it is necessary to find new sources of funding to protect this vital aspect of human development. Currently, there are populations of the world, like Somalia, which has daily suffer from lack of access to clean water.
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