Russia presents its project to investigate chemical attack in Syria

The Deputy Ambassador of Russia at the UN, Vladimir Safronkov, before voting against the resolution to condemn the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government. | Photo: EFE

Russia presented its draft resolution to the Council of security of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) to investigate the chemical attack in the Syrian province of Idlib, said the spokesperson of the Russian diplomatic mission to UN, Fiodor Strzhozhovski.
“We propose our project, brief and practical, aimed at a real research and not to denounce the culprits before determining what happened”, said Strzhozhovski.
> Russia sees no evidence of U.S. accusations against Assad also pointed out that the five permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations (China, United States, United Kingdom, France and the own Russia) examined this draft and as soon as they develop a project of commitment, will hold the next round of consultations.
On Wednesday United States, United Kingdom and France presented a draft resolution that blamed the Syrian Government of perpetrating this attack, while not yet conducted research of chemical attack.

#Сафронков: Проект резолюции ‘тройки» назначал виновных еще до проведения объективного и независимого расследования – Russian Mission a (@RussiaUN) April 13, 2017 Russia vetoed the draft resolution which sought to condemn what has happened in the town of Jan Shijun, where more than 80 people were killed in a so-called chemical bombardment, and called upon all parties to cooperate with the investigation.
The resolution received 10 votes in favour and three abstentions (China, Kazakhstan and Ethiopia) two votes against (from Bolivia and Russia), but could not succeed by the right of veto which has Moscow.