Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the candidate of the left in France

Presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon. | Photo: EFE

In a quick survey by BFMTV, one of the organizing chains of the debate of 4 April, spectators gave rebellious France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon left candidate as winner.
Result that coincided with the latest polls in which Mélenchon takes strength prior to the presidential elections in France, designated for April 23. To pick up that it has changed the agenda of the French election campaign and it appears, increasingly, as a democratic alternative, not just from Marie Le Pen but neoliberalism that represent Macron and Fillon.  
Who is Jean-Luc Mélenchon?
Born in Tangier, Mélenchon descends from Spanish by both parents. He is MEP since 2009 and leader of the left front Coalition, which includes the French Communist Party and the left party. However, when he decided to take a step for the presidential elections of this year, he did so from its own platform. 
The candidate for the Presidency of France began to military in the French Socialist Party 41 years ago and won his first public office in 1983 as a councillor in the town of Massy. Before this responsibility, he served as Professor of the Institute.
> Left candidate leading polls in France throughout his life has been Senator, Delegate Minister of professional education in the Presidency of Jacques Chirac. 
In the presidential election of 2012 was in fourth place with 11 percent of the vote.
In 2015, announced that he wanted to be a candidate for the Presidency of France without the Front de Gauche, outside the framework of the parties on a rebellious France. 
What is your program?
The candidate of rebellious France aims to put an end to the neoliberal policies from a Republican point of view, Ecosocialist and pacifist. He has expressed not infrequently that can defeat right from an economic, social and cultural democracy committed to rights, defender of the welfare State, protective of the majorities.
Rebellious France does not accept neoliberal rules of EU and commitment to change them; If this is not possible, it would initiate a process of EU output. This has made it clear over and over again.
Its international policy will be marked by peace, security and a new international economic order fairer and more equitable. The priority is the defence of sovereignty and national independence with relations balanced with Germany and the pursuit of equitable agreements with Russia.
> France must engage in dialogue with Russia, admits presidential candidate “print can be by violence will be to solve the problems.” Recent experience has shown that this is not accurate. She has not been solved nothing through war, which is in Iraq, neither in Syria nor in Afghanistan. In consequence is better to speak to destroy”says Mélenchon.
One of the most important proposals is to raise the exit of NATO, since, according to its program, it is considered that it is a method of “servitude more” and that it is only used to prepare wars against enemies that are not.
 “Now friends feel it, the wave rises,” said the past weekend supporters. “If you have to govern, will know to do so,” promised.
France elects its Chairman every five years with a system for two laps. On the first meet this time eleven candidates. Of them, and unless one exceeds an unlikely 50 percent of votes in the first round on April 23, the first two will qualify for the second. The second round is held on May 7.