Al-Assad: attack with chemical weapons is an invention to 100%

The Syrian President said that United States is not serious in the search for a political solution to their country. | Photo: Reuters

The President of Syria, Bashar Al Assad, insisted Thursday that his nation has no chemical weapons and that the alleged attack in the city of Jan Sheijun is an “invention to 100 percent” that served only as a pretext to justify the bombing of United States to its airbase. 
“For us, it is an invention to 100% […]” Our impression is that West, mainly United States […] is an accomplice of the terrorists and rode this whole story that serve as a pretext to attack”, said the President during an interview with the AFP news agency. 
> Russia sees no evidence of U.S. accusations against Assad also, recalled that in 2013, his country renounced all chemical weapons arsenal and added that “even if we had nuclear weapons, never would have used them”. 
The data: the accession of Syria to the Convention for the chemical weapons ban (OPCW) took place in 2013 following an agreement between Russia and the United States, signed by the United Nations Security Council.
As to investigations into the alleged attack, Al-Assad reiterated that it will work together with Russia “in favour of an international investigation, but must be impartial”. 
“We can only allow an investigation if it is impartial and ensure impartial countries to participate in it, to be insurance that is not used for political ends”, said the Syrian President. 
> Partners in Syria face U.S. “if it crosses a red line” according to US, Government forces used chemical weapons against civilians in the Syrian province of Idlib and killed 72 people, including 11 children. However, has not presented evidence which shows the responsibility of the Government of Al-Assad.