Security Council vote on resolution of Syria Wednesday

Syria was the victim of a bombing of the United States under the justification of a chemical attack, the Government's al-Assad denied. | Photo: EFE

At 15 H 00 (local time) on Wednesday will vote on new draft resolution for Syria in the Security Council of the Organization of United Nations (UN).
United Kingdom, France and United States drafted the text of the resolution, based on the one presented last week following the attack with sarin gas in the Syrian town of Jan Sheijun, which left 86 dead, on April 4.
Without evidence, United States immediately blamed the Government of Bashar Al-Assad, which flatly refused the use of chemicals or toxic materials by its army and blamed the attack on the self-styled terrorist group Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic).
The UN launched an investigation into the chemical attack, but has not determined who is responsible. Even so, no evidence USA launched an attack with dozens of missiles at an air base in Syria, which has left several people dead, including civilians.
In 2013 Syria acceded to the Convention for the chemical weapons ban (OPCW) following an agreement between Russia and the United States, signed by the United Nations Security Council, to destroy all the chemical arsenal of the Arab country. 
Chemical weapons declared by Syria were destroyed entirely in 2016, thus the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) said it at the time in a statement.