Russia, procupada by threats from US to Venezuela

In recent days the Venezuelan right sectors have driven vandalism to harm the Government of Nicolas Maduro, situation that Russia is concerned about. | Photo: Reuters

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, María Zajárova, said on Wednesday that there is “concern” regarding the United States statements on the situation in Venezuela.
The concern, said Zajarova, is that “the statement of a representative of the command of the U.S. that the worsening of the crisis in Venezuela would require a response at the regional level, (…)” It increases instability in the country”.
> Vandalism in Caracas leaves damage by 15 million bolívares in this way, the official expressed the dismay of Moscow about the practice of violent scenarios in this South American nation, “which recalls the tragic events that were developed in Chile in the 1970 ‘s”.
“We note with concern the situation in the amiga Venezuela where continue clashes of the opposition demonstrators with the forces of order,” said Zajarova.

#URGENTE Russia is concerned about the situation in #Venezuela since there is a danger of violent scenarios – Adriana Flores (@AdrianaEteleSUR) April 12, 2017 for Russia, international support for the radical opposition groups in Venezuela is the cause which promotes instability and military confrontation.