China opens Center of experiences of adoption of cats

In China the adoption of cats has become a trend increasingly applauded. | Photo: Xinhua

Due to the increase in the awareness of Chinese society to the care of domestic animals was created in the capital Beijing, the first Center of experiences for the adoption of abandoned and recovered from that country cats.
The program for the recovery of these cats abandoned launched mid-March with the name of “House cat”.
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The goal is to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment both for man and for cat, where interested adoptive families can enjoy close contact with their future feline member. 
In the same way, is expected to prove that the native animals tend to be more healthy, understanding, sociable and grateful that those artificially bred that are sold for commercial profit in the stores.
“We hope that the feline Chalet can serve as a showcase through which the virtues of rescued animals and their loving relationship to be visible to the public,” said Yang Yang, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the day of the adoption of Beijing.
The Center receives feral cats if they prove to be friendly and suitable for adoption. The clinic specialists will make you a thorough check to ensure that it is healthy, vaccinated and sterilized.
Once qualified, the cat already may stay the cat Chalet to be a formal tenant and living like a celebrity in the age of Internet to be adopted.