Prosecutors investigate death of young man in protest in Venezuela

The unit against the violation of the fundamental rights shall be responsible for criminal investigations. | Photo: AVN

The Public Ministry of Venezuela assigned the 34 national fiscal and tax 35 and 28 of the Carabobo State to investigate the death of a young boy during demonstrations in the city of Valencia on the night of April 10.
The 20-year-old boy named Daniel Alejandro Queliz Araca and was a student of law at the Universidad Arturo Michelena. According to the preliminary information, Queliz participated in a demonstration outside his residence that the Carabobo police officers approached. In a dispute whose details are unknown, Queliz was wounded in the neck by a bullet impact.
He was transferred to the Dr. Enrique Tejera hospital city, where he arrived without vital signs. The public prosecutor’s Office has arranged the fiscal Ramón Diamont, Anny Camejo and José Antonio López to coordinate research together with the police forces and the forensic unit against the violation of fundamental rights of the public prosecutor.
Demonstrations in Venezuela have continued and the Venezuelan State has been attentive to address any violation of rights.
April 6, another young man, Jairo Ortiz, was killed by a transit of the Bolivarian national police officer. Opposition parties tried to attribute it to alleged police repression, but later the family of the young man ensured that he was not expressing. The use of the image of Ortiz for political purposes by the Venezuelan right was denounced by her father, who said that his son was not in violent protests. The officer responsible for his death is already stopped.

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