North Korea power nuclear force against threat of US war

If the U.S. deploys missile system in South Korea, announced the war (foto:AFP)

The Pyongyang Government announced that it has information about the plan of the United States start a nuclear war and promises to increase its nuclear capacity to such threat.
Nuclear deterrent force will be reinforced if the U.S. deploys its system ballistic missile THAAD in South Korea, since the action suggests the interest to a global nuclear war, according to the central agency of Korean News (KCNA).
According to the North Koreans, ‘Wall Street Journal’ Business Journal reported in may past that Washington was defending the deployment of missile defense system THAAD in South Korea.
At the decision of the US Government, the representative of the National Committee for peace in Korea of the North (NPCK), said in a statement that the U.S. plans they generate a global nuclear conflict, and he warned of its consequences.
“We won’t remain passive observers in the implementation of these scenarios of U.S. and its allied militant forces. We will respond decisively to strengthen our nuclear deterrent force capacity,”reads the statement.