Bolivians reject shouldnít actions toward Venezuela

Different Bolivian movements support Venezuela against attacks of the OAS, in demonstration of the close relationship between the two South American Nations. | Photo: AVN

The Bolivian movement of friendship with Venezuela condemned Monday the interference of the United States and, especially, the Secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro in the internal affairs of the South American nation.
“There is all a plan assembled by US imperialism to put an end to the Bolivarian revolution, and the OAS is one instrument of this aggression,” said Edwin Catacora, Member of this movement.
> Bolivia condemns interference of the United States Southern command also, from the organization they manifest that, for years, Washington was the overthrow of Governments in Latin America, through attacks, coups and wars media and economics.
In this sense, the movement of friendship with Venezuela said in a statement that the OAS has only promoted wars and acted in an accomplice in the moments in which had sovereign act.
Through this document, the movement rejects the usurpation of the Presidency of Bolivia in the Permanent Council of the OAS and the realization of a special session, in order to run the Democratic Charter against Venezuela.

The movement of friendship with Venezuela already spoke out during the month of March, against the report presented by Luis Almagro for the activation of the Democratic Charter in the South American country. Photo: Twitter @EmbaveBolivia also they were rejected the statements of the head of the southern command of the United States, Admiral Kurt W.Tidd, who said that the situation in Venezuela “could end up demanding a response at the regional level”.
USA is the main contributor to the OAS, with a contribution of 59 percent of its budget, which for the Bolivian Ambassador, Diego Pary, represents a determinant and influences the decisions of the Agency.