Belgium erased to United States in the world with fearless attack

So United States said goodbye to the World Cup (foto:efe)

The Belgian selection was made with the victory against a combative United States that only left a space for the defeat at the end of the extension.

A great performance of goalkeeper Tim Howard, did not allow the goal of the Belgians to stop 16. the effort showed no other American goalkeeper in a World Cup match since 1966.

But the offensive Kevin de Bruyne at minute 93 and Romelu Lukaku at the 104 brought goals for fourth victory of Belgium in Brazil-2014. The Red Devils surpassed the expectations of many for his performance in the playoffs, after a flawless start.
Strategy will end with the unknowns in upcoming match against Argentina in the quarterfinals, also won it with the win minutes before the final whistle. They hope to carry more comfortable tag selection revelation, that they share with Costa Rica.

The Elimination of United States could revive the controversy by the absence from the World Cup star, Landon Donovan, a legend of football in that country.